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Azadirachtin Technical

  • Azadirachtin A: 20- 28 %
  • Azadirachtin B: 2- 7 %
  • Other neem kernel limonoids: 70- 85 %

25 Kg HDPE drums.Preferred to be stored in cool Temperature, should avoid direct sunlight and UV radiations.


Azadirachtin is non toxic to rat , guinea pigs, rabbit, birds and aquatic organisms at the recommended rates. It is also non hazardous to non target and beneficial organisms. It does not affect the soil fertility.


Azagro Azadirachtin Technical powder is extracted from Neem kernel. It is brown – Yellow free flowing Powder. The Active ingredients are Azadirachtin A & B and contains other bioactive limonoids fractions of Neem seed Kernels. It is used as active ingredient in producing Organic Neem Insecticide that controls over 400 various Insects. It is Bio- degradable thus leaving no toxic residues.

It repels the insects, prevents from feeding, moulting through hormonal interference, interferes with insect reproductive system, affects hatchability, and reduces insect’s fitness. The Bio activity on insects will be visible in 2-3 days after application.

The Pest insect's takes up the active ingredient in Azagro orally either by sucking or biting that is penetrated in to crop after application. The Azadirachtin is structurally similar to insect hormone "ecdysones" that controls metamorphosis. Azagro interferes with pest insect's hormonal activity and acts as ecdysones blocker.

Pests show feeding and moulding inhibition and mortality. It results in disruption of insect development. In few hours after application of Azagro the pest become inactive. Treated insects die during metamorphosis and it prevents the development of the next generation of pests. It helps the crop from damaging.

Being an endocrine disrupter, should be applied soon after egg hatching since the early instar and nymphal stages are most susceptible. Azagro are formulated with specially treated neem oil by removing Azadirachtin destabilizing factors.

Duration between sprays 7 to 15 days, in case of severe infection 3 to 5 days till minimum threreshold limits is reached. Azagro works systemically as well and is suitable for tree injection, Root injection where roots are exposed and as soil drench to control terminates


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