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Neem Cake


The physical form of the neem cake is in powder,flakes or pellet form.

We Offer Following range of Neem Cake :

  • Neem Kernal Cake
  • Neem Seed Cake
Neem Cake

Neem cake is an organic manure.Neem Cake is an by - product of Neem seed oil production.It has more nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium,calcium and magnesium than the farmyard manure.It is rich in sulphur compound as well as bitter limonoids.Neem Cake can be applied safely in all cultures,fruit - bearing,garden product,melon,cotton,tobacco,Vineyard and flowers.Neem cake is either used dirctly or it is blend with urea or seaweed,farm yard manure on various crops for high yields.

The physical form of the neem cake is in powder,flakes or pellet form.

  • Acts as pest repellent
  • Acts as natural fertilizers
  • Protects plant root from nematodes,soil grubs and white ants.
  • Icrease the efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer use.
  • Improves the condition of the soil and also protects the soil during drought.
  • Increase crop yield considerably.
SL.No Neem Seed Cake
1 Azadirachtin 850PPM
2 Nitrogen 1.5-3%
3 Phosphorus 0.5-1.55%
4 Potassium 0.5-1.0%
5 Sulphur 1.0Min%
6 Neem oil 8%
7 Moisture content NMT 8%
8 Silica < 1.5%
SL.No Neem Kernel Cake
1 Azadirachtin 1200PPM
2 Nimbin 800PPM
3 Salanin 1600PPM
4 Nitrogen 4-5%
5 Phosphorus 1-2.5%
6 Potassium 1-2%
7 Sulphur 1.5%Min
8 Moisture NMT8%
9 Silica < 1.5%

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