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List of Targeted Pests on Various Crops

Azalea leaf miners birch leafminers, western tentiform leafminers of Dipteran, Citrus Leaf miner and lepidopteranlemons, limes, grapefruit, kumquat, Calamondin, Apple, Apricot and Ornamental Plants
Nematodes - burrowing nematodes, Dagger nematodes, golden nematodes, Root knot nematode, ring nematodes, sting nematodes soil dwelling nematodesBanana, melons, strawberries, tomato, berrie, bulb vegetables, cotton, tobacco, fruit vegetables such as ground cherries, egg plant, peppers, all type of herbs and spices crops
Psyllids - pear psylla, Indigo payllid, Asiancitrus psyllid, Euglyptoneura robusta Psyllids, Psylla trimaculata PsyllidIndigo, potato, tomato, citrus Plants, pepper, eggplant, plum, cardomom, cucumber, Papaya, Sugarcane, Beet root
Saw Files - yellow and red headed pine saw files, Mustard Saw flyPear, carrot, mustard, Pomegranate, Safflower, Singhara or water-nut, Cucurbits(cucumber, gourds,pumpkin etc)
Scales - brown soft scales, califonia red scales, san jose scales, black scales, coconut scales, Pepper Scales, scale insectsCoffee, Olives, Coconut, Tobacco, Pepper, Cardomom, Pepper, Beet root, Cashewnut, Arecanut
Thrips - Blossom thrip, Loquat thrip, Chilli thrip, Onion thrip Cocoa thrip, Tea Mosquito ThripsCitrus, Onion, Loquat, Cocoa, Turmeric, Cumin & Coriander
Weevils - Grey Weevils, Gujhia Weevil, Paddy root weevil, Gujhia Weevil, Apricot Weevil, White spotted weevil, Red Palm weevil, Jute Stem weevilRice, Strawberry, Beet root, Peepper, GramPea, Apricot, Indigo, Coconut, Jute, Cardomom, Coffee
Whitefiles - Silver leaf White Files, wolly white files, grren house white files, phorid files, Castor whiteflySweet Potatos, mushroom, Carrot, Tobacco, Sesamum, Rape, Castor, Pomegranate
Aphids - Peach green aphid, Ground nut aphid, Mustard aphid, Cotton aphid, Banana aphid, Wooly aphidApple, Cotton, green peach, grape, cabbage, pea, grape, rose, potato, Banana, Safflower, Cucurbits, Cluster bean, Spinach
Beetles - bark, boil weevils, japenes, twig girdlers, plum curculio, pepper weevils leaf beetles, Tamarind beetles, Cockchafer beetleBue berry, potato, Dry fruit crops, Banana, Elephant foot yum, Spinach and other vegetables
Borers - dogwood, girdlers, Root & Stem borer, Cabbage borer, Stem - borer, Shot - hole borers, Top - borer Early Shoot borer, Pink borer, Green Borer, Gurdaspur borer, Internode Borer, Stalk borerPeach twig, peach tree, cranberry, safflower, Cabbage, Groundnut, Coffee, Tea, sugarcane, Beet root
Bugs - stink bug,box elder bugs,chinch bug,lace bug,spittlebug,sting bugs,mealy bug,phase bugs,Mealy bugs,Mango mealy bug,Mulberry bug,Painted bug,Lace wing bug,Stink bugs,Assassins bug,Pod Sucking bug,Black bug,Coconut bug,Fulgorid bug,Capsid bugApple,citrus,grapes,Phalsa,jamun or Blackplums,Carrot,Colocasia,Cucurbits,Sweet potato,Paddy,Sesamum,Sugarcane,Cocount,Cocoa,Tumeric,Tamarind,Sunhempo,Ground nut,Betelvine,Cumin & Coriander
Caterpillars- diamond back moths ,fireworms,green fruit worms,easterntent caterpillers,gypsy moths,hickory shuchworms,azalea caterpillar,Hairy caterpillarsSoyabean,cabbage,Sweet potato,Tomato,Linseed,Fibre crops,Safflower,Groundnut,Sesamum,Linseed,Drumsticktree,Onion
Files - fruit files,fungus gnats,maggot files,tip worms husks files,Sesamum gallfly,Saffower stem fil,Gall fly,Melon fruit fly,Agromyzid fly,Safflower flyOnion,Bhendi or Okra or Ladiesfinger,Blueberry,cherry,Pear,Crrot,Safflower,Cucurbits(cucumber,gourds, Pumpkin etc)
Leaf Hoppers - beet leaf hoppers,variegated leaf hoppers,Grasshoppers,Black leaf hopperPotato,grape,apple,Maize,Bajra,Sugarcane,Groundnut
Leaf Miners - includes species such asGroundnut,Castor,oranges,mandarins,